Questions For Consideration With Logical Static Contraction Training Tactics

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PARKERSBURG — Lorraine Baldwin of Wood County has made a remarkable transformation. Just ask the judges at the Battle of Ohio bodybuilding championships and professional qualifier on April 8 at the Hollywood Casino in Columbus. Baldwin, 29, won third place in the novice bikini division and received an award for her “remarkable transformation” at the Natural Physique Federation-sponsored event. Baldwin’s transformation in size and body sculpting began in April 2015. At the time she weighed about 190 pounds and had a body fat percentage of 38, she said. At the bodybuilding competition in April, Baldwin weighed 121 pounds and her body fat percentage had dropped to 12-14. Photo ProvidedLorraine Baldwin at the time of her bodybuilding competition. “I felt fatigued and was carrying extra weight,” Baldwin said of when she began her weight-loss journey. She had felt depressed at times.

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